The Abduction From The C’EST RAI | Lia Bira

The abduction from the C’est Rai

Collection of Romanian pop culture,
re-woven by Lia Bira
You are from Romania if…
you know someone with this carpet on the wall.

Or at least in the dowry chest.
We are in the 90s and multicoloured “Abductions from the Seraglio” beautifully cover the aesthetic holes left by communism.
”My grandma had one, too. I remember it perfectly: big, with a lot of blue.”
A quarter of a century later, Lia sets out to bring the charm of these carpets back to life, but loading them with new, nowadays stories.
What have the odalisques and palaces turned into? What are Romanians dreaming of now? Come and find out: Lia listened to them, picked up their words of wisdom and transformed this invaluable contemporary source into a colourful collection!
Visit the exhibition taking place where else than in an apartment, in a block, with walls still ready to display fluffy art.
The abduction from the C’est Rai is the 2.0 edition of the Romanian pop culture series by the artist Lia Bira, after the reinterpretation of the trinkets from the Romanian showcases, Noah’s Ark, launched in February 2022.