About US

ETAJ artist-run space is an experimental exhibition venue in Bucharest, housed within the personal apartment of artist and founder Mircea Modreanu. Since its founding in 2018, by nine art graduates from Bucharest and Cluj, ETAJ has blossomed into a thriving cultural cell for the local art community. With a handful of objectives, ETAJ welcomes a wide spectrum of artists, emerging and established figures, students, academics, and influential personalities from the Romanian art scene. One of the primary aims of ETAJ is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work, fostering dialogue and collaboration across different generations and artistic practices. Through its dynamic program, ETAJ has become a hub for constructive discourse, performances, and interdisciplinary projects.

Under the guidance of its remaining founder Mircea Modreanu, ETAJ’s main venue at 43 George Enescu Street hosts exhibitions twice a month, offering artists complete freedom to envision and transform the space. In addition to the core venue, Mircea Modreanu coordinates the conceptual framing for further group shows within the pop-up white cube structure, ETAJ on wheels. This mobile space serves the purpose of facilitating open access to culturally restricted areas by appearing in unconventional environments.

Collaboration plays a significant role in ETAJ’s activities, with many events in the past two years being organized in partnership with fellow artists including Ilina Schileru, Razvan Nastase, Lucian Sandu-Milea, and curator Calina Coman. In addition to its exhibition endeavors, ETAJ artist-run space recently hosted the launch of ETAJ Magazine #3 (2023), on Digital Art. The magazine’s editor, Ioana Aron, is also an artist and associated member of the ETAJ community.

ETAJ has gained international recognition through its participation in artist-run art fairs.